Welcome to Trinity Stone Gaming and Jewelry Website

We are the best website for buying used - new/mint condition Yugioh and Magic the Gathering Cards. We Specialize in TCG for a reason we have be gaming for years. and I feel that it's time that we sell at cost value at time of printing of the card and popularity of the cards as well as rarity. We Use paypal.Currently selling in the USA only, will expand at a future date.

We plan to start buy cards from players of cards that they don't want to use anymore or are just looking to get some extra cash. Once we start this we are going to be selling and buying none stop during normal business hours .
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm EST (eastern standard time)
SATURDAY: 10am-5pm  EST
If you are looking for a card that you need and need send a text message to 234-738-4197 or go to CONTACT US and send us a message, and we will try to get it for you at a reasonable price. 
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